The Daily Catch covered Red Hook Responds and FeedHV’s recovery of leftover food from the Dutchess County Fair:

As the Dutchess County Fair teardown of rides, booths and farm barns launched Sunday night, another team was ramping up at the bustling fairgrounds. Their goal: to save as many food leftovers as possible for distribution around the area to people in need.

A team of volunteers organized by Red Hook Responds and FeedHV, two organizations that work on food-security issues in the area, collected more than 700 pounds of food from dozens of fair vendors in the second year of a program with a secondary objective of preventing food waste.

“We were pleased to have the support of the fairgrounds team,” said Bianca Verrilli, the executive director of Red Hook Responds, who added that the total food poundage collected this year was up substantially from a year ago. “They were kind enough to distribute materials about the program to food vendors in advance.”

The Daily Catch

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