Red Hook Responds

Helpline (845) 640 - 4788

Our Helpline is live 9-10:00 AM and to 3-5:00 PM daily. We look forward to taking your calls.
Outside of these times, please leave a voicemail for a call-back during operating hours. 

We are not an emergency response team. If you need Emergency Help, please call 911.

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Want to donate by check? Please make checks payable to “Red Hook Responds, Inc” and mail to:

PO Box 624
Red Hook, NY 12571

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Our Mission

Red Hook Responds coordinates, enhances and supports the existing and new volunteer efforts in the Red Hook area. It harnesses volunteers in a centralized location where people work together to maximize the programs already in place. A volunteer portal places volunteers with appropriate programs based on skills and interests. Red Hook Responds improves communication between groups within the community doing similar volunteer efforts.
Red Hook Responds works in collaboration with elected officials in the Town and Village of Red Hook and the Village of Tivoli.
Red Hook Eats is a sub-committee of Red Hook Responds which will focus on helping with preparation of food and delivery to homebound and ill during a crisis.
Funds raised are used to facilitate ongoing, current and future needs in the greater Red Hook community.

Red Hook Responds Fiscal Policy

Red Hook Responds is a nonprofit organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Our Tax ID Number is 86-3237958. Contributions made to Red Hook Responds are tax deductible to the extent allowed in the IRS code.
Donations to Red Hook Responds can help fund meals for members of the Red Hook community in need of support,
develop our Veggie Table Program, and provide organically grown produce to local pantries through our Local Food Exchange. Although the crisis seems to have slowed down the need for community support has and will continue to exist.
Red Hook Responds aims to continue serving as a resource for our neighbors in need.86-3237958