Red Hook Responds

Shine a bright light of hope, trust and good will on people working hard together for no reason other than to lift each other up.

— Dan Budd, RHR Co-Founder


Our Helpline is live 9:00am-10:00am and to 3:00pm-4:00pm daily for the Red Hook and Rhinebeck communities. We look forward to taking your calls. Outside of these times, please leave a voicemail for a call-back during operating hours.

We are NOT an emergency response team.
If you need emergency help, please call 911. Or call 988 for the Crisis & Suicide Prevention hotline.

“I’m so grateful we chose Red Hook to raise our family. RHR is one of the many reasons why Red Hook is a special place to reside.”

— Nicole Jensen, RHR Volunteer

“RHR has been a wonderful way to help out our neighbors in need, and at the same time become more connected to our community.”

— Alex Wolf, RHR Volunteer

“This is a dedicated and fun group of people — every time I help with serving or assembling, I leave smiling!”

— Elise Cashen, RHR Volunteer

About RHR

Red Hook Responds coordinates, enhances and supports the existing and new volunteer efforts in the Red Hook and Rhinebeck areas. It harnesses volunteers in a centralized location where people work together to maximize the programs already in place. A volunteer portal places volunteers with appropriate programs based on skills and interests. Red Hook Responds improves communication between groups within the community doing similar volunteer efforts.