Our Local Food Exchange (LFE) — — was conceived of in April 2020, developed during May and launched in early June. The site was built to address an immediate need to connect local farms and food providers with local non-profit organizations to get food to those in need. Starting with our first order on June 3rd of 2020, Red Hook Responds volunteers have processed and fulfilled orders from local food pantries and other non-profits and delivered bread, dairy products, meat, fresh produce, drinks, snacks and much more to help feed our community.

Local farms work with Local Food Exchange volunteers from Red Hook Responds to add their available produce to the site quickly and easily, many times the same day it has been harvested. As soon as the produce has been added to the site, Red Hook Responds coordinates with local non-profits to ensure that food is ordered to meet their needs and does not go to waste.

In early July of 2020, we started accepting community donations of food to build up the stock and variety on the Local Food Exchange. We welcome donations from local farms, food producers, restaurants, families, and individual members of the community.

To make a donation, fill out THIS FORM. A Red Hook Responds volunteer or staff will contact you to arrange drop off of your donation. 

For more information, CONTACT US.